Sunday, August 4, 2013

Updated Main Floor

Like I said before, I am loving Photoshop!  I have made a couple changes to the main floor of the house plan (yes the SAME house plan).  I really want an outdoor fireplace and if I move the indoor fireplace to the back wall I'm thinking we can save some money by having them share a chimney!

I also updated the kitchen island to be a moving island instead of a built in.  I had to move the range to the right wall, but I like the idea of all the appliances on the walls and the island just being my big counter space.

There is an island at IKEA that looks like what I want. I like how they have it pictured in their catalog right now with two back to back.  I'm thinking we could put casters on them and move them around as needed.  The shelves will be a nice place to hold our pots and pans and I'm sure lots of other stuff.
I love this island look from BHG.  I have it on my Kitchen board on Pinterest.  I sure do love Pinterest.  I spend far too much time on that website.  I should have come up with the idea for that site.  I use to store all my links as bookmarks and it was SUCH a PAIN to find what I wanted.  But I did not so I am just going to have to enjoy it without any monetary gains from it...

The island from Better Homes and Gardens looks like one that I could get my Bro In Law to help me build myself if I'm ever feeling like I have some free time...

I am looking forward to the awesome posts and pictures that will someday come when I am building my house.  It feels so much closer than it ever has.  I just need to convince someone to sell me a lot for about 1/2 the price they are advertising them online.  I guess we'll see how it goes.  I am still optimistic that we will find something perfect.

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  1. I am loving the floor design, it looks modern and simple at the same time. Though, I don’t understand what you mean by Kitchen Island. Would you mind explaining?