Friday, July 12, 2013

I'm in Love!

Can I just start by saying "I LOVE PHOTOSHOP!!"  It is so fun to mess around with pictures and make them better.  I am so excited that I get to use it at my job to do something creative.  It reminds me of my drafting classes because I get to work with design again!  Love it.

The best part is this new house plan I found.  And I know you're skeptical, but THIS IS IT!  You know why it's it?  I loaded it into Photoshop and made it perfect for me and my family.  Now I just have to find someone to build it for me.

The original plan is found on Southern Living's Website.  I love their house plans.  They are amazing.  The plan is called Four Gables, but I call it Porches.  I love the porches on this plan!

The house looks like a cute little cottage you'd see on a farm somewhere or maybe near a lake or a beach. Yeah the beach that's where I can see this house.  But, since I will probably NEVER live on the beach I will build my house and daydream about the beach!

I love that I can tweak the plan in Photoshop.  It is so fun to move things around so it becomes my perfect house plan!  So this plan can be found on Southern Living's Website (where else, right?! they have the BEST house plans).  I switched the laundry room and the master closet's location from the original plan.  I needed more space in the Master Bath for the shower built for 2.  I also like that there is a pocket door into the laundry room from the Master Bath.  That will be mighty convenient for me!  I also rearranged the kitchen a bit from the original design.  I added a bigger window over the sink and moved the diswasher and added a double oven.  But looking at it now, I think I'll move the stove top over to the right counters and just have a big butcher block island in the middle where I can do all the prep work.  That sounds perfect.  I'll update and post the pic later...  I also changed the steps down from the back porch into one big stair case instead of two small ones.  I'm also thinking of moving the fireplace to the back wall so we can have a porch fireplace on the other side and share the chimney.  Yep, I'm gonna do it.  Stay tuned for it's awesomeness!

The second floorplan is good just how it is.  Two bedrooms for the kiddos and a playroom / guestroom / craftroom for every thing else I need.  I like that there is some storage space in the kids rooms that we can turn into secret hideouts!  What fun we will have!

Well there's my plan for the moment.  I think this is "the one" but you know how I am with plans... I need to find a garage plan to go with this and then we'll be set!  We decided we want to save for another year so we can have a bigger down payment which should make it easier for me to get all the awesome amenities I have been pinning!  We'll see how things go.

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