Thursday, October 10, 2013

Updated Master Bathroom

Same Plan. Remodeled Master Bathroom. Oh and I moved the appliances around in the kitchen.   Like I said before.  I'm super scared about the choices I have to make.

The master bathroom has the shower and the tub in the same space.  I've seen some pictures of this type of layout and like it.

I like this picture from Better Homes and Gardens. It is very elegant.  I love the light that streams in from the windows.

While looking at this plan I've thought of more changes for the kitchen and the Master Bedroom.  At some point I'll get it just right.  I'll work on those and post them.

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  1. often i feel inclined towards the designing field since i had a good time making diagrams all semester and these are very cool house maps i like the way they are craftedand put into reality.