Saturday, September 22, 2012

What? A new housplan?

That's right, I've changed my mind again.  I do realize that at some point if I do build a house I'll have to actually pick one.  And yes, part of me is terrified that I'm going to pick the wrong one.  But, we'll deal with that when the time comes.

Main Floor
Of course it has an open floor plan.  I love that look.  I really like the Office for my own little craft room.  I also like that it is not too big and not too small.  Just right for our family of 4.  Of course I'd make some changes to the kitchen layout, can't find perfection in any plan, but not a lot.  I prefer an island to a bar so I will have to work some photoshop magic on this image to create what I want. I love the size of the pantry, but I'm not sure if it would work in the layout I'm dreaming up...  I really like the laundry/mud room area.  It is perfect for when the kids come in all muddy or wet, they can just throw their wet stuff in the hamper.  With the powder room right there it makes for a great clean up area for our plethora of outdoor activities.

Second Floor

I know Hubby would love to have our room on a separate floor from the kiddos, but when you're on a budget you have to let some things go.  I personally don't mind because it's less of a walk when I have to get up to help them with something in the night.  I love the open foyer with a nice shelf at the top to put up some nice decor items.  That will be awesome. I'm envisioning a larger shower in the master bath, but it looks like there is space for that. I'm thinking E will get the smaller room since I plan to utilize the upper part of the house for her loft to give her more space.  N would really like that window seat in the larger bedroom. I love the balcony off the master, but the door placements in the room leave a curious predicament for where to put the sweet king size bed that I miss so much these days.  I'm thinking move the double doors over to the right a bit and reduce it down to a single door.  That will give me the wall space I want while leaving the area over by the balcony open for a nice love seat and table for some relaxing. I love, love, love the bonus room.  A place for the kids to watch movies, play games, have parties, and maybe even E can teach dance up there when she get's older.  It would be a great space to have.  I might have to steal a chunk of it for a walk in closet for E's room though.  That girl has a lot of stuff!

There are a couple versions of this house built and I love them both.  I think I would go with the attached garage though because I love that big bonus room accessible from the upstairs. I love the colors of both the versions of the house and it's going to be hard deciding what to go with.  Most likely green since that's my favorite color.

That's where I am right now.  I'm sure I'll look at others in the next year or so, but this one is definitely a contender.  I hope we'll be able to find the perfect lot to fit our perfect house where we can grow old and never move again.

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