Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I want to BUILD!

I want to learn how to build a loft bed.  I think it would be fun for my daughter's room to have a loft bed with a sofa underneath because she wants a room that looks like an apartment. I really like this one I found on ohdeedoh:
I should be able to create that, right?  Just need some wood, nails, tools and paint.  Although I think I should add a safety bar so she doesn't fall off when she is rolling around in her sleep. :)

And then if I can build the loft bed I can build anything!  Well almost anything...
I am thinking gray, pink and purple for her color scheme.  With some yellow thrown in as fun little accents.  Oh when someday come's my princess will have an awesome room.  Hopefully it's before she moves off to college!

And on a side note.  I want to say Happy Birthday to my awesome hubby!  He is now one whole digit older than me (for at least a couple more months!)

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